Website Creation

For years, I have heard create a website because it will make you stand out.

2021-04-26 1 min read

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They said building a website is easy. Okay, let's go. I went to, created and account and followed the prompts. This seemed somewhat easy, but I'd have to say I got really frustrated with the creation/design. Some examples are I couldn't get the spacing like I wanted in between paragraphs, I would hit backspace and my whole post would delete; thankfully, there is an undo button that I got very used to. However, it is funny, I found later that when I went out and went back in, backspace would work correctly and not delete my entire post. Maybe it is actually something with user error, but I haven't figured it out yet.

After creating the hostinger account, I always think it is funny when it is asked which is your preferred method [in this case website design]. How the heck am I supposed to know!! Hostinger had one so I picked that one but at some point I was able to select another one too, so I picked Wordpress because I had heard of that before. I actually started in Zyro and saved my progress. Make sure you go back to the web designer you start with because I selected Wordpress on my second time in and thought everything was deleted. I guess I thought I could use two programs to edit the website, but apparently I can't?

I am still working on the website, so I'll keep posting.